BKLMr. Leishman was born in North Bay, Ontario, Canada on April 14th, 1954. He has spent many years indulging his curiosity about education, eastern philosophy, martial arts, and more. He is a martial art master who focuses on self-development and the science of unarmed combat. Mr. Leishman hosts several websites and has been writing martial art articles since 1995. He is the founder of the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat®. Mr. Leishman created the White Lotus System for the purpose of sharing his ideologies, methodologies, practices, and standards of martial preparation.

The picture of Brian (upper left) was taken in the summer of 1995 when he was working as an extra in the film titled “Last of the Dogmen”. Brian has appeared in the following films and television shows;

Last of the Dogmen
The Legend of Ruby Silver
American Beer

Viper (2 episodes)
Twits and Pishers / Biking Birder from Banff