BKL 1977Brian considers his training under Grandmaster Olaf E. Simon, as the beginning of his formal martial art studies.  Grandmaster Simon’s studios taught a form of Moh Kempo Kung Fu, lending towards hung gar animal forms, and self defense combat scenarios.  Two-man scenarios were forceful, and sparring was more like no holds bared combat.  A need to adapt and survive with a high degree of consistency became apparent.  The boyish imaginings of childhood movies faded overtime, as a newly emerged reality based perspective took hold.

At Simon’s Kung-Fu Studios, Brian became a student in 1974, where he learned under Master Phil McAndrews.  He became an instructor and started working as an instructor for Master McAndrews in 1976. He also trained with Grandmaster Frank Lee’s students of the Green Dragon Society.  During these years, 1974 to 1979, several fascinating discoveries occurred, as Brian excelled through the ranks at Simon’s Studios.

Brian’s fighting abilities were far more evident than the strategies he utilized to achieve his victories.  As a Green Belt he amazed his instructors by taking on a great deal of duress against multiple opponents, taking them out with the greatest of clarity. He became the first member to achieve a lower ranking masters degree, having done so in only 18 months.  Armed with desire, and self knowledge of his own physical processes, mental processes, and emotional processes, Brian was certainly at an advantage.  His form was impeccable, and his adherence to classical presentation and timing were equaled only by his ability to adapt in sparring.

A desire to understand the combative process, and how to achieve consistent success lead him to eventually discover a range of combative considerations, universal to any situation.  In principle, he understood that these considerations could be actualized in certain arrangements, causing greatly increased odds of survival.  Through use of these considerations, he understood that greater levels of control could be achieved and went on to use Simon’s Studio as a test bed for these ideologies.  Brian continued to demystify the combative process, until he eventually left and founded his own system of martial arts.

The picture of Brian (upper left) was taken by John Acorn (aka Acorn the Nature Nut) in the summer of 1977 at Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada. Brian was in the midst of performing a Kata when the picture was taken.