BKL 2 1977In 1980, Brian went on to develop the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat®, a unique form of martial arts that deals with the science, and causality of combative events.  White Lotus focuses on understanding the combative considerations of unarmed combat, a thorough understanding of which can yield incredible adaptive skill.  Brian then opened up a chain of martial art locations branded under Energy Lake Studios to teach basic skill development.

Energy Lake was eventually sold in 1989, after it was apparent that only limited growth of White Lotus could occur with so many locations in place.  Brian then turned his attention towards the online documentation of intermediate skill development and advanced skill development.

The picture of Brian (upper left) was taken by John Acorn (aka Acorn the Nature Nut) in the summer of 1977 at Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada. Throughout the 1980′s, this picture was often seen on flyers and in the Calgary Sun, Toronto Sun, and Vancouver Sun newspapers. (Used in the Energy Lake Advertisements)