ChinatownDuring these two years, Mr. Leishman worked at a couple different jobs, each offering an opportunity to express some form of discipline.  Much of his leisure time was spent in Chinatown, immersing himself in culture and activities pertinent to martial arts.  This extended into watching martial art films as well.  This was at a time when sub-titles on foreign movies didn’t exist, which is why Brian recalls often being the only Caucasian at the theater, waiting patiently between fight scenes. His enthusiasm for martial arts on film and television continued as he even recalls having watched the original movie for the Kung-Fu series when it first aired on television.

It was during these crucial early years that Brian developed key beliefs that set him on a course towards martial arts mastery.  Prior to his formal martial arts training, Brian even remembers being interviewed by Jung Soo Park, a well known and respected Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster.  Brian states that he “would have become a student if he could have only afforded the yearly tuition at the time.”

Although he couldn’t afford to train in Toronto, Brian’s fascination with martial arts didn’t end with films and TV.  He also took to time to expose himself to all kinds of teachers and theories as circumstances would allow.  Throughout this time he read and researched diligently into all kinds of martial arts, devouring several books on Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do to name a few.  He loved and appreciated each style as they served to enrich his overall understanding of unarmed combat.