Advanced Skill Development / Dissociated Dependencies and Processes

The technical designations (e.g. Guarding Skill Sets) associated with the White Lotus Combat System are segregated into three distinct categories; 1) Basic Skill Development (BSD), 2) Intermediated Skill Development (ISD), and 3) Advanced Skill Development (ASD). In advanced skill development the students’ overall attention is directed towards learning the psychology that is associated with the basic and intermediate levels of development. When I start teaching students psychology, the first thing I tell them is as follows. “The biggest problem that you’re going to have in martial preparation has nothing to do with your imaging of some guy standing outside of a bar waiting to beat you up”. The biggest problem that you are ever going to have in martial preparation, is your own psychology  working against you. Especially if you are unable, unwilling” to heal your dissociated martial dependencies and dissociated martial processes”.

Brian K Leishman

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